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Jersey Tempered Glass
For applications requiring additional mechanical and thermal strength beyond that provided by annealed glass.
Jersey Tempered Glass offers both heat strenghtened and tempered glass.  All heat treated products are done on our state of the art horizontal oven with a maximum size of 60" x 120".
JTG heat strengthened and tempered glasses are glasses that are produced within specifications required by ASTM C-1048.
Tempered Glass
JTG's tempered glass is approximately seven times the strength of annealed glass.  If breakage should occur, the glass will break into small cubical fragments that minimizes the risk of personal injury.  
JTG tempered products meet the following standards:
Heat Strengthened Glass
JTG's Heat Strengthened Glass is approximately three times the strength of annealed glass and 
does not exhibit the small particle break pattern of tempered glass. Spontaneous breakage due to nickle-sulfide crystals does not occur with heat strengthened glass.  This product is recommended when excellent resistance to extreme solar stress and cyclic wind loads are required. 
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