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    Jersey Tempered Glass supplies glass for use in
    Architectural, Commercial, Residential and
    Industrial markets.

    Custom Tempered Glass

    All heat treated products are done on our state of the art horizontal oven with a  maximum size of 58" x 110"

    Available glass thickness:
    1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″

    Available finishes:
    • Clear
    • Low-Iron/Starphire (high light transmission)
    • Acid-ached (Matte-finish)
    • Tinted: Grey/Bronze
    • Interior: Yes - all furniture and partition applications
    • Exterior: Yes
    Cutting and Finishing:
    • Special shapes: Yes
    • Edge-grinding, treatment, drilling, notches: Yes

    Tempered glass is a flat glass product which has undergone heat treatment. It is heated to approximately 1,112°F (600°C), then cooled rapidly using jets of air.
    Fully tempered glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics. It can satisfy federal, state and local building code requirements for safety glazing in such applications as doors, side lights, showers, tub enclosures, and interior partitions. It is also used in storm doors, patio-door assemblies, and escalator and stairway balustrades.
    We can cut to precise measurements, drill, edge, and make any other necessary customizations to get started on your perfect piece of flat glass.

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        How do the edges of the glass come?

        All tempered glass comes with seamed edges , unless otherwise stated. Annealed glass does not have any edge work done to it, unless requested.

        Do you ship?

        Yes, we can ship UPS for an added cost. The largest we can ship UPS is 24" x 36".

        We also can ship via freight carriers. This is at an additional cost that is calculated when an order is completed and crated. Then the cost will be added to the order.

        Can you purchase glass from us if you are not a company?

        Yes, we sell to individuals and companies alike.

        What are your lead times?

        Our lead times vary depending on the job. It depends on demand, supplies and job size. Our lead times are our expected completion of job and do not incuded shipping time.

        How can I get pricing for my job?

        You can send us a request for a quote one of two ways. You can fax us a quote request at 856-273-1999 or via email at

        What are the smallest and largest size of glass you can temper?

        Largest is 59" wide by 120" long.
        Smallest 5" x 5".
        However, trhe smallest size we can polish is 4.5"x4.5"

        What thickness of glass do you temper?

        We can temper any glass 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2". We carry 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inches.

        Can I have my own glass tempered?

        Yes, we temper customer's specialty glass as well, as long as it is at least 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2" and is no larger than 59"x120".

        What are you pick up times for customer's?

        Our pick up department is available Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm and on Friday 7:00 am to 1:30 pm.

        Do you install or feld measure?

        We currently do not install or feild measure a job.

        Tempered Glass Panels For All Your Requirements, Custom Made and Sized For You

        The best commercial tempered glass panels for sale are available at a competitive price. Whether you need to buy the largest tempered glass wall to partition offices, to glaze a storefront, or to be used in low- or high-temperature environments, and to buy online, we have you covered. 

        Our tempered glass panels are from one of the biggest manufacturers and adhere to safety codes as well as being resistant to temperatures and changes that would make standard glass crack. These tempered glass sheets will bring you peace of mind knowing that they are of a global standard.

        Tempered glass sheets that are safe and strong from a global business

        Customers of Jersey Tempered Glass have been amazed at the speed, efficiency, and cost of our tempered glass sheets. Cut to standard sizes, or to your own specific requirements, our products are first-class and will not cost you a fortune.

        The glass itself is suitable for both home users and industrial. Our products meet strict safety standards and are tough enough for any environment.

        A tempered glass wall for your storefront

        Our tempered glass walls are manufactured to exacting safety standards including the Standard for Safety Glazing Materials and the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard specifications. We have an extensive range of available thicknesses that can be cut to panels that best fit your store, office, industrial, or home environments. 

        We can supply the glass for your storefront or create internal partitions with our tempered glass walls. In the unlikely event that our glass does break, it will safely break into small cubes rather than the sharp, jagged shards of standard glass. Our glass is four times stronger than annealed glass making it the best for your needs.

        Tempered glass wall panels to divide your open-plan office space

        Our tempered glass wall panels are the perfect remedy for a large, open office space. You can create smaller offices within the space and partition sections of your business without sacrificing the effect of being able to view the entire space. 

        We can cut corner pieces and bracket holes in your glass panels, knowing they conform to our rigorous safety standards. Your new tempered glass wall will be of major benefit to you and your workers. Normal prices from other manufacturers are high, but we keep the cost low for your office or store so we can remain a top seller in this area.

        Heat-treated glass sheets made to your requirements

        Our heat-treated tempered glass is a major global standard and can be used in many different architectural applications where safety standards need to be adhered to in order to maintain safety and structural requirements.


        Whether glazing an office into partitions, creating a new storefront, lining the walls of your store, or refurbishing your home, our safety tempered glass is the best choice for you. The knowledge that our glass meets global safety standards will give you peace of mind. Ask for a quote today.