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    Jersey Tempered Glass supplies glass for use in
    Architectural, Commercial, Residential and
    Industrial markets.

    Flat Polished Edge Glass

    All heat treated products are done on our state of the art horizontal oven with a  maximum size of 58" x 110" Available glass type:
    • Annealed
    • Tempered
    • Insulated
    Available glass thickness: Flat Polish from 4″ x 4″ on all thicknesses
    Available finishes:
    • Clear
    • Low-Iron/Starphire (high light transmission)
    • Acid-ached (Matte-finish)
    • Tinted: Grey/Bronze
    • Interior: Yes
    • Exterior: Yes
    Cutting and Finishing:
    • Special shapes: Yes
    • Treatment, drilling, notches: Yes 

    Flat polished edges are the most popular choice of edgework, aside from the simple seamed edge. If the glass in your project is frameless or will not have some type of border that hides the edges, then polished edges are great for that option. This polish is made by grinding down the edges of the glass and then buffering them to leave a clear finish. It’s a straight cut edge that is polished with a slight 45˚ angle on the top and bottom. For a decorative look, customers can select the 1/8” bevel edge option to achieve an aesthetically appealing, even, and glossy finish.

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        How do the edges of the glass come?

        All tempered glass comes with seamed edges , unless otherwise stated. Annealed glass does not have any edge work done to it, unless requested.

        Do you ship?

        Yes, we can ship UPS for an added cost. The largest we can ship UPS is 24" x 36".

        We also can ship via freight carriers. This is at an additional cost that is calculated when an order is completed and crated. Then the cost will be added to the order.

        Can you purchase glass from us if you are not a company?

        Yes, we sell to individuals and companies alike.

        What are your lead times?

        Our lead times vary depending on the job. It depends on demand, supplies and job size. Our lead times are our expected completion of job and do not incuded shipping time.

        How can I get pricing for my job?

        You can send us a request for a quote one of two ways. You can fax us a quote request at 856-273-1999 or via email at

        What are the smallest and largest size of glass you can temper?

        Largest is 59" wide by 120" long.
        Smallest 5" x 5".
        However, trhe smallest size we can polish is 4.5"x4.5"

        What thickness of glass do you temper?

        We can temper any glass 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2". We carry 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inches.

        Can I have my own glass tempered?

        Yes, we temper customer's specialty glass as well, as long as it is at least 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2" and is no larger than 59"x120".

        What are you pick up times for customer's?

        Our pick up department is available Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm and on Friday 7:00 am to 1:30 pm.

        Do you install or feld measure?

        We currently do not install or feild measure a job.

        Flat Polished Edge Glass from JTG: Examining Its Features and Applications

        If you want to buy a clear glass tabletop or install a tinted wall hanging, a JTG product could be the answer. Our flat polished glass is a seamless glass whose edges have been trimmed and shaped from the top and the bottom. These units are versatile and have indoor and outdoor applications for work or simple aesthetic appeal. 

        List of Important Features of Flat Polish Glass from JTG

        With unpolished glass, there’s a chance of injury as the edges remain sharp. Such a situation is particularly probable when your projects require seamless glass without any border covering. 

        JTG’s flat polish glass is made by grinding down the sharper edges at a 45 degrees angle from the top and the bottom. This buffering makes the edges smoother and more aesthetic. The flat polish glass, in this case, has a straight-cut edge which is the norm. But if you wish to add a little excitement to your glass unit, you can use it for other customizations to improve its appeal.

        When you quote our flat polished edge glass, you get access to features like:

        1. Available for annealed, insulated, and tempered glass.
        2. 4″ X 4″ flat polish is available on all thicknesses.
        3. Wide range of custom options for drilling, glass treatment, shape, size, and notches.
        4. Decorative bevel edge options are also available.
        5. A flat polished glass edge is applicable for both decorative and functional products.
        6. JTG flat polished glass is available in four finishes-matte, tinted, clear, and high light-transmission


        Applications of Flat Polished Glass Edge in Outdoor and Indoor Projects

        Aside from a practical finishing touch to your unit, flat glass polishing adds a little flair to your product. One of the most exciting things about our flat polished glass is it’s easily customizable. When you choose to include us in your project, you can access different finishes, edge-work, glass type, thickness, and even shape and size customizations. 

        These bespoke additions improve the general appeal of your frameless glass products, increasing the range of their potential applications. Beveled glass is a form of glass cutting and polishing used to increase the look of your seamless glass unit. These methods maximize the marketability of glass by allowing its application as 

        • Glass shower enclosures
        • Ornate mirrors
        • Retail display cases
        • Glass table tops and doors
        • Cabinet doors/ partitions 
        • Wall-hangings
        • Glass railings
        • Automobile and marine glass

        Our tempered and heat-treated glass possess more than double the strength of the average annealed glass, allowing these customizations and applications to get carried off without the risk of glass breaking.

        Why Should You Choose JTG Inc Flat Polished Edge Glass for Your Project?

        If you are looking for a unit that is at once practical and aesthetically pleasing, you cannot do much better than a JTG flat polished edge glass. 

        Tinted, Acid-ached, Starphire, and Clear are just some of the finishes available with our polish-edged glass. We also offer a ⅛» beveled edge work for a more ornamental look. An aesthetic design like this is a great choice for decorative windows, tabletops, and even stylish mirrors. And with some of the most competitive quotes in South Jersey, this glass is just waiting for you to come and pick it up.