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    Glass office partitions

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      How do the edges of the glass come?

      All tempered glass comes with seamed edges , unless otherwise stated. Annealed glass does not have any edge work done to it, unless requested.

      Do you ship?

      Yes, we can ship UPS for an added cost. The largest we can ship UPS is 24" x 36".

      We also can ship via freight carriers. This is at an additional cost that is calculated when an order is completed and crated. Then the cost will be added to the order.

      Can you purchase glass from us if you are not a company?

      Yes, we sell to individuals and companies alike.

      What are your lead times?

      Our lead times vary depending on the job. It depends on demand, supplies and job size. Our lead times are our expected completion of job and do not incuded shipping time.

      How can I get pricing for my job?

      You can send us a request for a quote one of two ways. You can fax us a quote request at 856-273-1999 or via email at

      What are the smallest and largest size of glass you can temper?

      Largest is 59" wide by 120" long.
      Smallest 5" x 5".
      However, trhe smallest size we can polish is 4.5"x4.5"

      What thickness of glass do you temper?

      We can temper any glass 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2". We carry 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inches.

      Can I have my own glass tempered?

      Yes, we temper customer's specialty glass as well, as long as it is at least 1/8" or thicker up to 1/2" and is no larger than 59"x120".

      What are you pick up times for customer's?

      Our pick up department is available Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm and on Friday 7:00 am to 1:30 pm.

      Do you install or feld measure?

      We currently do not install or feild measure a job.

      Glass Office Partitions to Optimize Your Business

      For a sleek look and feel combined with a versatile, sound-proof barrier, our glass office partitions provide the ideal environment. Our high-quality and affordable company solutions are loved by many.

      Businesses of all types choose our glass office partitions due to their durability and seamless integration into any space. They’re fully transparent and transform any space into a modern setting perfect for your clients or employees to enjoy.

      With a number of proven benefits, our glass partitions offer an elevated experience at an affordable price. Our custom design options, including tempered glass, are guaranteed to stand the test of time and lend a sense of sophistication to your workspace.

      Why Choose Partition Walls for Office Spaces?

      These days, a sleek work environment is conducive to high productivity. When workers are immersed in an environment that feels elegant yet simple, they’re encouraged to perform their best.

      Office wall dividers separate staff while maintaining a feeling of cooperation. Employees don’t feel separated from one another, and yet they still have their own enclosed spaces to work within.

      Glass partition walls for offices are an excellent addition to any office for numerous reasons:

      1. Minimizes sound
      2. Complements various design styles
      3. Creates an open space that still supports solo work as needed

      The layout and appearance of a business environment should not be an afterthought. In actuality, it can have a major impact on work ethic and overall company morale. Employees can feel simultaneously together while maintaining their privacy.

      Glass Office Walls Can Be Made Custom

      Every business is unique. That’s why we understand the need for a custom solution to office construction. However your business operates, glass office walls inspire productivity in multiple ways.

      Choose from diverse options, including tempered glass and framed options. If you’re looking for something private, frosted glass can keep individual spaces less viewable and opportune for meetings or a more discreet space.

      Inspire Greatness With Glass Partition Walls for Offices

      Office wall dividers create an open space while enabling a sense of privacy. Our expertly manufactured glass significantly reduces sound so that your employees can work distraction-free and feel comfortable.

      If you feel that your office space could use a boost, a glass office partition provides the opportunity to transform your space without draining your company’s budget. Select the option that best suits your needs and preferences with JTG’s best of class products.

      Level Up Your Workspace With Glass Office Partitions

      Remodel your office space into something that motivates your employees and supplies the optimal setting for both collaborative and private work. Office wall dividers enhance your company setting, making it an exceptional place to work and an environment that inspires success.

      To take the first step towards enhancing your workspace, complete our brief online form. We look forward to serving you!